Describe about HTML & PHP with syntax

HTML stands for a hypertext markup language. it is a client-side scripting or document-type language. it is used for web page design & as well as structure also.Html makes web page design with the help of css.css is also a language that is used for document style & structure. CSS has three types like-inline CSS, external CSS & internal CSS. HTML works with javascript & CSS together. Here, javascript is a new word. It is a programming language. it works on a web server. It is the central processing unit for the script & CSS is the two main parts for design purposes in HTML. The editor of HTML is sublime text, notepad, visual studio code, etc. HTML is mainly used for front-end website design.Html runs without a web server.Html has two tags one is an open tag(<) and another is a closing tag(</).

Syntax of HTML Code Image

Syntax of HTML Code (Copy Code)

<!DOCTYPE html>

  <html lang=”en”>


  <title>Title of the document</title>



  <h1>This is a heading</h1>

  <p>This is a paragraph.</p>



Syntax Of CSS

Inline CSS

<h1 style=color:blue;”>A Blue Heading</h1>

<p style=“color:red;”>A red paragraph.</p>

Internal CSS


body {background-color: powderblue;}

h1   {color: blue;}

p    {color: red;}


External CSS:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”styles.css”>

Syntax of PHP


echo “My first PHP script!”;


On the contrary, PHP(hypertext preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language. it is mainly used for backend purpose work in web development. PHP interacts with databases to retrieve data, modify data & store the information. It works on our well-known software XAMPP. However, PHP runs on various platforms like windows, mac os x, Linux, etc. It executes on the web server.

Local Web Server

  • When PHP runs on windows, its server &MySQL configuration software is  WAMP.
    • The term ‘W’ stands for windows
    • ‘A’ stands for Apache. Apache is server software it’s responsible for serving web pages.
    • ‘M’ stands for MySQL.
    •  ‘P’ stands for PHP.
  • When PHP executes on Linux, it’s server LAMP.
    • The term L refers to Linux.
  • When PHP runs on mac os then its server Mamp.
    • The term M defines Mamp

The current version of PHP is 8.2. Nowadays, it is used mainly. PHP can be generated dynamic web content. whereas, HTML does not. It can create, open, delete, read, write, etc on the web server. It can collect data from web servers. It can add, delete, and modify data from the database. It can be used to control user access. It can be encrypted data. it is a more effective & user-friendly language for web development. Nowadays, PHP is compatible with almost all servers (Apache, IIS, etc). It can support a wide range of database.PHP has also two tags one is an open tag(<?) & other one is a close tag(?>). Here, echo print the statement. PHP is a very supportive language and supports online communities.

Uses of PHP

A number of well-established companies use PHP to execute their server & make a lot of creative things.

Facebook– It uses PHP to create its own site. it contributed to the company with the help of implementation known as Hip-hop for PHP.

Wikipedia-one of the global information sources on any information obtained Wikipedia. it is built in PHP.

Content management system-one of most content management systems is builds in PHP. Content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and Magneto are also built in PHP.

Web Hosting platform- The web Hosting platform run its hosting server using PHP. like Bluehost, Site ground, and who hosts.

Nowadays, PHP & HTML are two important languages for web developers. we can’t construct any web pages developed without PHP & HTML.PHP is mainly used for interactions with databases.PHP is mainly used for backend related work whereas, HTML is mainly used for fronted related work.

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